Big Booty Claudia Claudia Garcia

Title : Big Booty Claudia
Pornstars : Claudia Garcia Freddy Gong
Sites : Bang Bros
Series/Sub-Sites : Ass Parade
Descriptions : Claudia Garcia was this very pretty girl with amazing tits and a really big butt. She showed off all details of her body to the camera. Freddy Gong arrived and spread lots of oil all over Claudia. In return she gave him a wonderful blowjob and a titty fuck. Since her butt was so big, why not go for anal? So Freddy fucked her in the ass but her ass was so huge that his dick looked tiny in comparison. When she was riding him her big natural breasts were bouncing nicely. He fucked her in a few more positions. All of them in the ass. And then s**t his load into her pretty face.


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