Competitive Couples Sexercise J. Mac

Title : Competitive Couples Sexercise
Pornstars : J. Mac Leana Lovings
Sites : Reality Kings
Series/Sub-Sites : RK Prime
Descriptions : Cute, petite influencer Leana Lovings is recording a couples exercise routine with her bf Jmac, but this couple get extremely competitive! After Jmac loses two challenges in a row, he proposes they switch to something he’s better at, like sex! The muscular hunk turns the tables when he eats Leana’s pussy in the race to see who can give oral longer, but Leana is ready to give him a run for his money. Jmac seems to have the advantage as Leana rides his cock, too, but the spinner makes him bust all over her face after he picks her up for a stand and carry. They’re sure to declare a rematch very soon!


Actors: J. Mac / Leana Lovings

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