Double The Redhead, Double The Fun Juan El Caballo Loco

Title : Double The Redhead, Double The Fun
Pornstars : Juan El Caballo Loco Scarlett Sommers Skylar Snow
Sites : Brazzers
Series/Sub-Sites : Brazzers Exxtra
Descriptions : Gorgeous Skylar Snow and Juan Loco are in bed hooking up when Skylar puts her beautiful, red hair up in a scrunchie. Skylar wants to give Juan an extra sloppy blow job and she needs all the hair out of her face. Unknown to the couple, firey redhead Scarlett Sommers is spying on them and having some fun of her own. If sexy Scarlett could just get her hands on that scrunchie, she thinks she might be able to pass as Skylar and take Juan’s cock for herself!


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