Family Time Capsule Lola Fae

Title : Family Time Capsule
Pornstars : Lola Fae Lucky Fae
Sites : Nubiles Porn
Series/Sub-Sites : My Family Pies
Descriptions : Lola Fae and her stepbrother Lucky Fae made a time capsule way back when, and now it’s time to open it. They spend some time reminiscing about all the stuff that’s in there. Lucky finds a piece of paper that Lola says is an entry she ripped out of her diary. She doesn’t want to read it, but Lucky insists. When Lola gives in, it turns out it was really sexual about a mystery man. Lucky initially thinks Lola wrote the entry about his dad, but it turns out that it was really written with Lucky in mind. There’s an awkward moment between them, but they let it ride.


Actors: Lola Fae / Lucky Fae

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