Food Truck Fuck Damion Dayski

Title : Food Truck Fuck
Pornstars : Damion Dayski Violet Gems Willow Ryder
Sites : Reality Kings
Series/Sub-Sites : Sneaky Sex
Descriptions : Damion Dayski’s trying to make the best of his shift on the food truck, so when he sees hottie Willow Ryder walk by, he offers her a lemonade gratis. Just his luck: Willow turns out to be a slut who wants to get on the truck and have her perky little titties sucked! Willow handles the window as Damion licks her pussy, and enticing hottie Violet Gems to come kiss her, and Damion heats up a hot dog in her pussy before fucking her doggystyle. The customers may not enjoy this unorthodox approach to food, but Willow loves every second!


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