Freeuse Roommate Air Thugger

Title : Freeuse Roommate
Pornstars : Air Thugger Samantha Lexi
Sites : Reality Kings
Series/Sub-Sites : RK Prime
Descriptions : Samantha Lexi is a certified nympho, and even though she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she’s still found a way to get all the sex she needs: a free-use agreement with her roommate, Air Thugger, who luckily is up to the challenge. Samantha and Air tell you all about how their unconventional arrangement works: either of them can initiate sex at any time, whether Samantha sucks Air’s cock in the kitchen or Air joins her in the shower to bang her against the glass. He even fucks her feet while she’s on the phone! Check out how these horny roommates do it morning, noon, and night!


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