Gamer Girlfriend Gets Sneaky Lulu Chu

Title : Gamer Girlfriend Gets Sneaky
Pornstars : Lulu Chu Maya Farrell Van Wylde
Sites : Reality Kings
Series/Sub-Sites : RK Prime
Descriptions : Van Wylde hides around the corner and watches when his roommate Maya Farrell starts spanking her gamer gf Lulu Chu, and when the lesbians start scissoring, he takes out his dick and strokes it! Maya chases him away, but Lulu wants some of that dick, so she creeps into Van’s room, where he’s fucking a toy pussy with his VR headset on, and sneakily tags in to get her pussy fucked instead! When Maya comes looking for her gf, she joins in, sitting on Lulu’s face until Van finally realizes this snatch is the real thing. These gamer babes can’t get enough of that cock and each other, working Van’s joystick till he hits all the right buttons, then sharing his load.


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