Hot Nurses Get Gooey Jasmine Wilde

Title : Hot Nurses Get Gooey
Pornstars : Jasmine Wilde Jazlyn Ray Jessica Starling Rion King
Sites : Brazzers
Series/Sub-Sites : Hot And Mean
Descriptions : Jasmine Wilde, Jazlyn Ray, and Jessica Starling are all nurses student who live together. Blonde Jazlyn is in her room one morning having sex with her boyfriend, Rion King, when she realizes she’s late for an exam! Jazlyn quickly runs to her exam, leaving her hard boyfriend in bed. With Jazlyn out of the way, horny Jasmine and Jessica move their move on the unsuspecting Rion. Jasmine and Jessica seduce Rion (who could resist) and jerk him off until he’s milked into a medical cup. That’s when Jazlyn comes back into the room and catches the slutty Jasmine and Jessica in the act. Jazlyn straps on a big, squirting dildo and decides to teach Jasmine and Jessica a lesson in anatomy they’ll never forget!


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