Looking for Christmas Dicks Marica Chanelle

Title : Looking for Christmas Dicks
Pornstars : Marica Chanelle
Sites : Bang Bros
Series/Sub-Sites : Bang Bus
Descriptions : It was the night before Christmas. The sun was hot. There was no snow. Marica Chanelle was driving through the streets of Miami looking for some Christmas dick. Christmas Dicks come in lots of different shapes and colors. Since the dicks were just random guys picked up from the street they all had to wear a condom for fucking. But first they got seduced and then they got a nice blowjob. One came too soon, one thought of his job interview and went soft in the middle of it. But the chocolate one fucked and fucked until the end s**t some nice white Christmas cum on Marica’s breasts.


Actors: Marica Chanelle

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