Maid For The Week Ella Reese

Title : Maid For The Week
Pornstars : Ella Reese
Sites : Team Skeet
Series/Sub-Sites : Sis Loves Me
Descriptions : Ella is trying to sneak back into her house in the morning when she gets caught by her stepbrother Brad who immediately tries to tell on her. Ella begs him not to rat her out so he proposes a deal: if she does his chores for a month he’ll keep quiet. Ella agrees and comes out wearing a sexy maid outfit before starting to do the chores. Brad can’t help but stare at her ass so Ella makes a counter offer, she’ll give him a handjob if he takes some days off her sentence. Brad is hooked now, so he decides to make her another offer: if they go all the way, she won’t have to do his chores anymore!


Actors: Ella Reese

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