Pool Boy By Chance Jenna Fireworks

Title : Pool Boy By Chance
Pornstars : Jenna Fireworks
Sites : Team Skeet
Series/Sub-Sites : Messy Jessy
Descriptions : After finishing a job Jesse finds himself stranded outside in the heat with a dead cellphone so he starts looking for a house with a pool to break in and freshen up. He finds the perfect pool and after hopping the fence he notices a young hot blonde getting ready to tan in the sun. Jenna catches this guy in her backyard and as he’s explaining his situation Jenna decides to ask him to clean her pool, so he does. Afterwards, Jesse was hoping to be rewarded with a dip in the pool but to his surprise she immediately gets on her knees and whips his cock out for her to suck!


Actors: Jenna Fireworks

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