Raunchy Roommate Rivalry Part 1 Cali Caliente

Title : Raunchy Roommate Rivalry Part 1
Pornstars : Cali Caliente Frankie Fettuccini Simone Richards
Sites : Brazzers
Series/Sub-Sites : Hot And Mean
Descriptions : Thicc Simone Richards is jealous of cutie Cali Caliente’s date. Cali’s date is a nerd and has no idea what he’s doing. Dominant Simone knows for a fact she could fuck Cali so much better. Luckily, Simone keeps a big, hard strap-on just for these occasions! Simone steals Cali away from her date (not a difficult task) and the sneaky debauchery ensues. Soon, Cali is cumming on Simone’s strap-on and both beautiful women are screaming out for more!


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