Stepmom And Sis Get Stuck Together Jamie Michelle

Title : Stepmom And Sis Get Stuck Together
Pornstars : Jamie Michelle Vina Sky
Sites : Nubiles Porn
Series/Sub-Sites : Moms Teach Sex
Descriptions : Jamie Michelle and her adopted daughter Vina Sky have just returned home from a shopping trip together. They show off their new purchases, then decide to strip down right in the living room to do a fashion show of their hot lingerie. They’re just wearing their new sheer bras and thongs and complimenting each other’s bodies when Jamie’s stepson, Oliver Flynn, walks in. He criticizes them stripping right in the living room, then goes to his room. Jamie goes to comfort Oliver, but she can hear him crying through his closed door. She returns to tell Vina that Oliver sounds like he’s really upset.


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