Sweet Lust Bianca Bangs

Title : Sweet Lust
Pornstars : Bianca Bangs Vivianne DeSilva
Sites : Family Strokes
Series/Sub-Sites : Unknown
Descriptions : Vivianne gets woken up in the middle of the night by a strange noise coming from her bathroom and when she goes to investigate she finds her stepdaughter Bianca masturbating with her vibrator! Vivianne tells her off and forbids her to touch her sex toys again. Later that day, stepdad Miles comes back from work to discover Bianca masturbating again with the vibrator! He tells her off and goes to put the vibrator back in his place but he catches a whiff and gets turned on by his stepdaughter’s pussy smell! Bianca walks in on Miles getting off to the vibrator and when he asks her not to tell her stepmom she says she’ll keep quiet but only if they help each other out with their horniness!


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