What Gets Wet As It Dries Callie Black

Title : What Gets Wet As It Dries
Pornstars : Callie Black Mandy Rhea
Sites : Reality Kings
Series/Sub-Sites : Moms Lick Teens
Descriptions : Strawberry blonde teen Callie Black can’t believe it’s real when her friend sends her a video of humping the dryer, but after her stepmom, Mandy Rhea, leaves, she just has to try it for herself. When the MILF unexpectedly returns, she catches Callie with her tits out, playing with herself as she rides the appliance, but the embarrassed teen is shocked when Mandy joins in. The stepmom’s got more tricks up her sleeve, and she introduces Callie to how good it feels to get her ass filled up with a toy… and how wet she can get!


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